Spring is a beautiful time, especially in Southwest Florida where native plants shine their bright colors and blooms. There are several types of native flowering plants that will be sure to make your garden stand out. A few, more common plant species include the purple coneflower, the blanket flower, and the Key West morning glory. We will go over these and a few others. The purple coneflower requires its own place in your garden, quite literally. It lets off a fluid that prevents other plants to grow nearby. The bloom is its namesake, a light purple with a spikey cone in its center. This plant does very well in even the poorest quality soils. Purple coneflowers are also very resilient to drought and high temperatures, reaching 2 to 5 feet in height even in the harshest summer weather. This plant may be better suited to a pot or as a statement plant in a small bed. Next is the blanket flower, which has a history of being lucky to the Native Americans of Florida. This is also a very hardy flower that is drought and heat tolerant. One thing to notice when planting the blanket flower is the quality of the soil, these flowers thrive in a full sun area with sandy soil that is well-drained. Butterflies and bees love this plant. This plant grows up to 2 feet in height with a red, orange, and yellow bloom. The Key West morning glory is a light blue bloom that comes from a vine that can reach 12 feet in height if trellised. This plant does best in full sun with well-watered soil. Once established, this flowering vine can tolerate some drought, but it is best to water regularly. If you live in a coastal region, these flowers are accepting of salty winds. Another native Florida flower in need of mentioning is the butterfly weed, with eye-catching orange blooms. This plant attracts all kinds of butterflies and bees, perfect for a butterfly garden. This flower is also deer resistant due to the milky substance secreted from the blooms. There are so many varieties of flowers that would be the perfect addition to your Florida landscape. By starting with a cohesive color pallet, you can create a lush and interesting garden space that will last all season long.