In Southwest Florida, hurricanes can make a fence a dangerous and messy situation. Because of that, fences are uncommon in most neighborhoods. What is a homeowner to do to create a private oasis of their backyard? Privacy hedges. There are plenty of beautiful options to choose from. From the glossy clusia hedge to the hardy podocarpus, there is a hedge for every landscape and every budget. One type of privacy hedge popular in Southwest Florida is the evergreen bougainvillea. Known for its lush and colorful flowers, the bougainvillea will grow up to 20 feet tall and 40 feet wide. Regular pruning is required to keep the specimen neat, but the reward is worth the work! This plant is known to vine and creep up any structure willing to support it so you can get creative in this plant’s placement and use.
Another type of privacy hedge is the trusty boxwood. This evergreen shrub is a bit more manageable, growing 15-25 feet in height with a width of around 10-15 feet. This plant does like a little shade so make sure to plant out of direct full sun.
Next on the list is the clusia. This plant is known for its manicured look and full body. The hardy and glossy leaves grow low to the root so there is privacy from the ground up. This plant does need a little more sun and can tolerate it so don’t be afraid to plant in full sun.
Another popular choice for a privacy hedge in Southwest Florida is the podocarpus. This plant can take it all, is extremely versatile, and can do well in both sun and shade. The podocarpus looks great whether it is pruned for a manicured style or left to grow naturally. The foliage is dense a beautiful deep green, while the new growth is a contrasting lime color.