The Florida rental market is a top commodity for part time residents. They enjoy the income that comes with allowing someone “take over” while they are not residing in the home. Others take advantage of the influx of people moving into the Sunshine State by purchasing rental properties and having that be their main source of income. While regular maintenance of these properties comes at a price, the landscaping does not always have to be costly. By using low maintenance products, keeping the curb appeal of a rental property does not have to be a burden.

Some popular low maintenance plants used in Florida properties are native to the area. For groundcovers, carissa, Parson’s juniper, pineland heliotrope, and artillery fern are great choices. Some low maintenance shrubs include trinette, clusia, Panama rose, ixora, and cocoplum. For the flowering variety of native plants, lantana, blanketflower, lavender, and necklacepod are sure to stand out and be easy to care for. Elephant ear plants come in several varieties and are effortless to care for. For shaded areas bromeliads and snake plants are a great choice as they are easy to manage and an interesting plant to include in your landscape. As always, there are endless amounts of palms to choose from for a statement piece in your landscape.

Once you have selected which plants work best with your property, it is time for installation. Pay attention to the soil moisture and sun exposure to the different areas of the property before planting. Also, be sure to include weed barrier and mulch in your work. This will not only cut down on pesky weeds but will also reduce watering needs and insulate the plants roots during cooler weather. Some homeowners choose to use small rocks in their landscaping as opposed to mulch as it does not need to be reinstalled throughout the year. Just note that rock will not hold moisture as mulch would, so be careful when making this decision. If a plant you have chosen requires a certain amount of sun or shade, plant in the appropriate area so that it may thrive to the full potential.

By choosing plants and landscape material that are easy to handle, your rental property will look wonderful without constant maintenance. There are endless options available to beautiful Florida plants and vegetation. Vision Landscapes can help you select and install any landscape project quickly and easily.