Florida may not be known for having a frigid winter season, but there are still a few things to note regarding landscaping during the cooler months. Below you will find a brief list of tips and tricks for the sunshine state’s winter period.

First on the list is irrigation. During the summer months, there is hardly a day that goes by in Florida that rain is not falling. However, in the winter, Floridians experience a dry season. It is vital that your landscape receives adequate water on a weekly basis to keep everything alive and well. Have your irrigation systems checked on a routine basis to ensure all zones are functioning properly and all areas are being covered.

Next, make sure your planting beds are mulched to a depth of 3-4 inches. This layer of mulch will keep the roots warm and hold in moisture for the plant to thrive. Mulch also provides a barrier for pesky weeds that like to creep into your flower beds. You may also occasionally rake the mulch to renew the look and even out any spots of build up that have occurred.

Finally, if you have any plants that do not tolerate lower temperatures, cover them with a sheet or lightweight cloth to create a barrier for the cooler weather. Be sure not to use plastic coverings as this can harm the plants by producing condensation on the leaves. If possible, bring any potted plants indoors when temperatures fall below 40 degrees.

There are several plants that can handle the colder temperatures we occasionally see in South Florida.






Winter Jasmine