Pygmy Date Palm

This fine palm is great for both indoor and outdoor use, the pygmy date palm is a slow growing palm that reaches 6 to 12 feet. These palms have beautiful flowing foliage that moves in the breeze. When planted in groups, the trees tend to curve outward from one another in a graceful manner. They grow well in full sun to partial shade and they are moderately salt tolerant. This palm is very easy maintenance!

Bismarck Palm

This palm is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the palm family, they grow in open grassland to a high of 30 to 60 feet, adorned with a thick trunk topped by a broad rounded, giving any landscape a dramatic effect. The color of the bismark palm is unique silvery blue color, sure to stand out among any landscape. To insure proper rooting, water the palm every day for the first month and then two to three times per week for the next several months. Continue watering once a week for about the first two years, until your palm is well established.

Coconut Palm

These palms are one of the most popular. When this palm is around 4 to 6 years old, during spring season it begins producing flowers that are sweet smelling. These tiny flowers grow in large clusters called inflorescence. This flower then produces fruits which become fully formed coconuts after about nine months. These palms provide not only a decoration on your lawn, but also to have a delicious fruit. Place this beautiful coconut palm in full sun in an area with well-drained soil, watering it once a week.

Areca Palm

This beautiful and common medium size palm tree can be placed both indoors or outdoors. It hosts a variety of stems that grow anywhere from 20-25 feet tall. Arecas do not thrive well with extremely low temperatures, so if you live in a climate that is not suitable, plant your arecas in a container so that it may be taken inside in the cooler months. You must water arecas often enough to keep the soil lightly moist. These palms make excellent privacy plants, when they are planted close they will grow thick enough to create a lush wall of foliage.

Foxtail Palm Tree

This palm, featuring a medium to tall height, thin trunk that is self-cleaning, and a smooth crown shaft, is a great focal point to any landscape. Its leaves are fluffy in nature, giving it a delicate and elegant look. This palm is fast growing and reach up to 30 feet in height with about eight to ten arching fronds per palm. Plant your foxtails in partial shade to full sun for maximum growth. Foxtails can tolerate cold down to 30°F but should be protected from frost if possible.


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