Hurricane season runs from June to Late November, Hurricanes can cause some serious damage to our landscape if preventative measure are not taken.

Essential Tips to prepare your landscape for hurricane season

Landscaping can be easily destroyed by flying debris in strong winds, bringing in anything that might be a wind hazard – things like trash, potted plans, trash bins, patio furniture, toys, tools, and lawn equipment.

Stake newly planted trees – new young trees in your yard have weak trunks and their root systems are less developed, meaning they can be easily torn from the ground.

Inspect all drainage systems. Clear your storm drains and gutters for proper drainage if possible. Prevent any flooding of water on your property as the ground may become heavily saturated and trees can potentially fall in high winds when the soil is too wet for their roots to hold firm.

Large/tall potted plants should be laying down in their side or stored indoors. Large/tall plants are very vulnerable to being snapped or bent from strong winds.

Do not forget to turn off your irrigation system, hurricanes bring a lot of water with them and turning them off will avoid over watering your landscape.

Trim any trees. Trimming your trees will help prevent any old or weak branches from becoming projectiles. Make sure to contact Vision Landscapes for a professional arborist to assist you.

Prepare your palm trees. Palm trees love tropical weather which make them a tree that requires a preparation and maintenance all year long to protect them during hurricane season.

Clean up

Safety is Vision Landscape’s first concern when cleaning up your yard after a hurricane.

Once it is safe, we begin clearing leaves, shrubs, and other fallen debris from the storm. Also, we can clear any buildup of mud or debris to avoid risk of secondary infection.


It is important to take action when the threat of a hurricane is in the forecast and Vision Landscapes is just a call away to assist you!