How to keep your lawn healthy in the heat

In the heat of a Florida summer, it can feel like keeping your grass green is a full-time job. Looking at what appears to be a dying lawn, you may realize you’re not completely sure how to keep your lawn green in the summer heat. We feel your pain. You and your lawn can get through the summer together! We have some good practices and products that we know can help you keep your lawn happy and vibrant during the hot days!

Healthy plants need the right resources to grow! For your lawn, the right moisture and nutrients are essential to keep things green and growing. Your lawn will adjust to pretty much any amount of water or schedule you set for it, but the key is you must be consistent. Whether you have got an automatic system, hand water, or anything in between, consistency is more important than anything.

If you are watering and you still have brown spots, sometimes the problem is that soil is not holding enough moisture, and the solution for that is called Hydretain!

Hydretain contains helpful, safe compounds that allow your grass and landscape to retain water for longer.

As Vision Landscape Services experts can tell you, once a lawn has gone brown, over watering will only stress out the turf. To prevent this frustrating situation, contact us today!