Pruning is a very common service that allows the tree to thrive while removing only the dead, damaged, or dangerous portions. If a branch or portion of the tree is dead, infected by disease, or infested with insects or other pests, that portion of the tree can be removed by the process of pruning, or tree trimming. Pruning a tree will cause the tree to grow differently, and if done incorrectly, has the potential to cause tree damage or shorten the tree’s life. We insure that great care will be taken in order to prevent loss.

Tree Removal

Because of the numerous benefits of trees, pruning is always preferable to removal. However, there are certain circumstances when full tree removal is the only viable option. Generally, removal will be the recommendation if the entire tree is dead or not salvageable due to disease or pest infestation. The Vision Landscapes professional team will examine your tree and help you determine if the tree can be saved by pruning or if full removal is necessary.


As a part of proper tree care, fertilization provides your tree with the proper balance of nutrients to grow. Because many trees grow in soil that has been drained of essential nutrients, or are otherwise void of the elements needed for a tree to thrive, our professionals can fertilize your tree to improve growth, appearance, and overall health. We use an unique injection system that is proven to pro­vide your trees with the fastest improvement response.