A huge addition to any outdoor area is landscape lighting. Whether you are highlighting features of the exterior of your home or lighting the foliage, landscape lighting helps draw attention and add interest to your lawn after the sun goes down.

One type of landscape lighting is referred to as grazing. This simply means that the light is positioned next to a surface you wish to illuminate. Grazing really brings out the texture of a wall, fence, or retaining wall. I believe a lot of surfaces fall flat when there are shadows or darkness in the area so highlighting these with an acute angle really shows off the medium. Grazing looks great on the front of a home, making the exterior walls look grandiose and taller. This type of lighting also looks great along a stone fence, showing off the detail of the rock’s crevices.

Up lighting is very similar to grazing but does not necessarily have to be placed directly next to the surface it is illuminating. Have you ever driven past a home or business that looks like a beacon of beauty at night? That location was probably utilizing up lighting to highlight specific areas of interest such as plants, trees, and perimeters. There is something intriguing about a large palm tree’s frond lit up at night.

A common and simple approach to outdoor lighting is using standard wall mounted lights. These are not only practical but also an element of design. Bring out your home’s appeal by using wall mounted lights that complement the exterior of your home. Wall mounted lights can range from very simple to intricate works of art that pop after the sun sets. Use these wherever you wish but do keep in mind wall mounted lights look best when placed next to entry ways.

Installation of outdoor lighting can be executed whenever you would like but the easiest time for running power cables is when the landscape is being constructed. There are existing trenches and the mulch or rock has not yet been placed in the areas you wish to install the lights. If you are using solar lights for your project, any time is reasonable to place the lighting. Play around with this and let it be a fun element to your outdoor areas. No two houses or landscapes are the same so find what works for you and your layout. Vision Landscapes provides landscape lighting options for any project you can imagine, don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable team member to get started.